Using the API

API Versioning

Anthropic's API is versioned via the URL path: you will primarily be interacting with the API via /v1/complete. Throughout the life of this API we will preserve:

  • Existing input parameters
  • Existing output parameters

However, while our API is being developed, we may do the following:

  • Add additional optional inputs
  • Add additional values to the output
  • Change the error codes and responses in various circumstances (within the bounds of 400+ status codes being for errors)

Generally, if you are using the API as documented in the reference, we will not break your usage.

Additionally, we may decide we need to deprecate certain features, in which case we will reach out to you requesting that you update to a newer version. Our current policy is that existing API features will be supported for at least 6 months, giving you plenty of time to update. We expect to only do this rarely and with good reason.

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